Greetings and welcome to my blog!

Despite the title, it is not a blog about Alice in Wonderland, although I am an avid fan. Rather the goal of this blog is to merge my personal and professional interests into creative content which will hopefully be helpful and interesting to readers. Using my numerous fandoms and their associated companies as a foundation, I will explore topics in Leadership, Marketing, Fashion, and Creativity. 

Which Fandoms? I have several I am passionate about, most notably Star Wars – This blog will have a LOT of Star Wars content so get ready! I also enjoy all things Disney, Harry Potter, Sailor Moon and other anime, Marvel comics and little DC too, TMNT, Transformers and many more.  

Leadership: Drawing from both academic sources and various fandoms I aim to cover a variety of leadership topics, as well as some lesson learned, presented in fun and interesting ways. 

Marketing: As a Graduate student studying marketing, I enjoy analyzing my favorite fandoms and companies through the GSOT framework (goals, strategy, objectives and tactics) and their customer journeys. I am also interested in how companies and organizations operating within the sphere of pop culture connect, grow, build, and maintain relationships with consumers, particularly in the digital realm. 

Fashion: I am huge fan of geek fashion and will feature my favorite styles, items, accessories, and fashion news within this section. 

Creativity: A commonality among passionate fans is the driving need to creative items inspired by their fandoms. Posts in this category will feature some of my original creations as well as those by others.

Now follow me down the rabbit hole to a curiouser and curiouser world.