Star Wars – The High Republic Consumer TOUCHPOINTS

Star Wars – The High Republic publishing initiative kicked off last month and it continues to hit the ground running. 

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As fans begin to understand this new era of Star Wars, they can expect numerous consumer touchpoints. The campaign itself launched with a fantastic launch live stream event on 4 January. Then later that week, Disney+ subscribers could also catch a little behind the scenes action on the latest episode of Disney Insider. 

It wouldn’t be Star Wars (or Disney for that matter) if we didn’t see integrated offerings/vertical integration. During launch week, EA Games made a new cosmetic item available for players of Star Wars Squadrons

On 19 January, Lucasfilm launched its Character’s of Star Wars: The High Republic animated short series on the StarWars YouTube channel and on 22 January published a Quiz – Which High Republic Jedi are You?

Finally Star Wars – The High Republic Show debuted on 27 January with its amazing host Krystina Arielle. You can read about her Star Wars journey over at or follow her on Twitter @KrystinaArielle

The first episode of this new web show did not disappoint, and the interviews could be better contextualized and more in-depth since it they didn’t have to dance around spoilers. I made sure to read both Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule and Test of Courage by Justina Ireland prior to watching. I look forward to the next episode! 

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More content  has hit the bookshelves as we roll into February. I’ve already read IDW’s High Republic Adventures comic and started reading the anticipated YA novel by Claudia Gray’s Into the Dark.  

I can’t wait to see what the rest of February brings us! 

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