Minor Curiosity – Star Wars Adventures Across the Galaxy

Towards the end of January, Amazon kicked off its Star Wars Adventures Across the Galaxy campaign. This year-long partnership will feature a range of new products inspired by a different Star Wars planet every other month (eight planets total). First in the shoot is your favorite winter getaway – Hoth. New Hoth centric items from Hasbro, Funko, and Heroes & Villains are available now.

Image Credit: Amazon.com

On a side note – Amazon’s landing page is beautiful! It may even help some learn their galactic geography as it features an interactive galactic map. Also, I enjoy the diversity of products and the placement of products on the landing page itself. The landing page features some of my favorite small businesses, such as LoveRock Jewelry. Hopefully, this collaboration will send new customers their way.

Image Credit: Amazon.com

I’m excited to see where this campaign goes and what planet comes next!

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