Rock Love Jewelry’s (Role) Model Campaign

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I become aware of RockLove Jewelry in 2019 when Ashely Eckstein announced the limited edition Ahsoka Tano ring for San Diego Comic-Con. Ashely collaborated with RockLove CEO & Designer Allison Cimino to bring this piece fans. This ring is beautiful, and it sold out in minutes. I was able to pick up one via the Her Universe website and was blown away when it arrived in the mail. There are so many intricate details to this piece, and all of RockLove’s products. Stock photos never seem to do them justice. 

If you are unfamiliar with RockLove and are a fan of pop culture, you are in for a treat. Over the last few years, RockLove has released several licensed collections centered around Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, DC, Pokemon, and many others. The company offers necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earnings as part its catalog. The products themselves are of the highest quality yet are still extremely affordable. They also come in equally beautifully designed boxes. I now own at least 15 RockLove pieces and I’m sure many more are in my future.

Outside of the products themselves, which are again fantastic, the brand uses itself as a platform to elevate others. In today’s digital environment, consumers are looking more and more to connect and identify with brands. Brand activism or Corporate Social Responsibility is now an essential component of a business. Brands and corporations must ask themselves, are we doing enough? How can we do more?

RockLove’s dedicates a portion of its website to its (Role) Model’s campaign. Where is poses the question – How can we DO MORE? The answer – use its business as a platform to create positive and inspiring content centered around real people doing real positive and inspiring work. These (Role) Models are used to model RockLove’s Jewelry on their website and social media pages. Additionally, RockLove tell’s the model’s story giving each a new place to share their experiences.

The first (Role) Model photoshoot debuted in 2018 with RockLove’s Black Panther collection and has grown considerably over the last two years. 

Image Credit: RockLove’s Twitter Account

In February of last year, RockLove released the first wave of products in its new Disney Princess line. This line is truly unique as it celebrates Disney Princess characters who “embody the qualities of the 21st-century women – the strength of character, dedication, and hard work” (RockLove tweet -Right) 

This line focuses on connecting attributes of the licensed character to the identity of target consumers. This extends beyond reliance on general nostalgia and fandom, as licensed products often do, and seeks to assign a more intrinsic value to the consumer’s perspective.  

The campaign’s overall theme connects the jewelry inspired by different characters and their respective strength and attributes to real-life individuals who reflect these qualities. For example, the character of Tiana is an inspiring chef who dreams of opening her own restaurant. This character is reflected in advertising by featuring award-winning baker Jerrelle Guy as a model for the associated jewelry line while highlighting her story within the campaign. The Mulan collection features Angela Lee Pucci, an American-Canadian mixed martial artist of Chinese-Singaporean and Korean descent who has competed in and won numerous World, National, and Regional martial arts competitions. 

Image Credit: Tweet from RockLove’s Twitter account, Stock images from RockLove’s website.

This campaign centered around connecting the Disney Princesses to real-life individuals can lead consumers to assign emotional worth and value beyond what would otherwise be their reasons for purchasing the product. 

Image Credit: Tweet from RockLove’s Twitter account, Stock images from Rock Love’s website.

Throughout 2020 RockLove consistently capitalized on every opportunity to pair its products with its (Role) Model initiative. Last summer, RockLove launched its Wonder Women Collection with Cosplayer (Role) Model Jasmine James (@CutiePieSensei) whose strives to show that people can cosplay whoever/whatever they want regardless of race, gender, etc. (RockLove tweet).

Image Credit: Tweet from RockLove’s Twitter account, Stock images from Rock Love’s website.

RockLove’s (Role) Model campaign will continue in 2021, according to a recent interview with Allison Cimino. Allision appeared on December’s Classic Beauty with Bésame Podcast, where she discussed the challenges of product licensing and development and hinted at an upcoming Pixar collection featuring pieces from WALL-E and Coco. Additionally, Allison seems eager and excited to introduce fans to the (Role) Model for its Coco collection. 

RockLove is one of my favorite companies and I’m excited to see what 2021 will bring from both a consumer and marketing perspective.  

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