Star Wars ADIDAS Collection Inspires New Looks

At the beginning of the year, I didn’t own any Adidas shoes…today, I have three pairs thanks to Adidas’ collaboration with Star Wars. The initial Star Wars line was entirely off my radar. My husband stumbled onto a pair of Princess Leia Endor shoes, and I immediately fell in love with them. Return of the Jedi is my favorite Star Wars movie and has been since childhood. These shoes pair perfectly with TeeTurtle’s green Ewok tees. I also love their earlier design with Princess Leia and Wicket. To top off this outfit, I like to add some Princess Leia hair braids and a Rebel Alliance Starbird necklace. The hair extension I purchased from Amazon and the necklace came from Kay Jewelers. The necklace is no longer available via their website, however, offer similar items. 

Image Credit:,, and – All images are product stock images from their respective websites.

Looking to match the same camo pattern of the shoes? Heroes and Villains has a great Rebel Logo Endor tee. A few years ago, HerUniverse released an Endor dress, which also works with these shoes, and just recently, Stitch Shoppe by Longuefly released an Endor skirt/top combo. The HerUniverse dress is no longer available on or Boxlunch but you may be able to find it on secondary markets. Need even more Endor or Ewoks in your life? Try adding one of RockLove’s wicket necklaces or Longuefly’s Endor or Ewok bags or purses to round out the look all of which are still available. 

Image Credit:,,, – All images are product stock images from their respective websites.
Image Credit:,,– All images are product stock images from their respective websites.

The Armorer shoes are gorgeous! Although I’m currently deployed and unable to enjoy them, I plan to wear them with several different items. The first tee to catch my eye comes courtesy of the DorkDiva’s shop. Her shop is currently on hiatus for the holidays, but it should be back early next year. The shirt is illustrated by Alyssa Bradley and you can check out more of her work here. The second tee I picked up is a Heroes and Villains design. I always enjoy seeing what this site releases. Their original designs differ significantly from what other sites feature, and it’s always refreshing to see their new collections. Their stuff can be a bit pricey but well worth it. What outfit would be complete without accessories? RockLove strikes again with this beautiful and rather large accent ring. I have some other ideas to try out once I return stateside. If you are looking for more inspiration, check out Anakin and his Angel’s website. Jenmarie (@accrossthestars) has a fantastic post centered around this character some great photos with Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge (Batuu) backdrops.

The Darksaber shoes are probably my favorite out of the three because the weapon is central to so many great Star Wars characters. The outfit I have templated here centers around Maul, although I can’t wait to wear them with my Bo Katan hoodie and tee that I mentioned a few weeks ago. Also, these shoes are perfect for Sabine Wren, and Death Watch inspired outfits. I have a couple of those planned for next summer/fall.

Image Credit:,, and Etsy – All images are product stock images from their respective websites.

For Maul, I selected the OurUniverse tee from the Star Wars Clone Wars collection released earlier this year. This shirt is still available through Next up are the leggings, which you can preorder through Gold bubble Clothing. I honestly can’t wait for these to ship. To top off this look, I plan to pair it with a leather bracelet I purchased from Etsy.

Did you pick up any items from Adidas’ Star Wars Collection? Which ones are your favorite? 

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