Star Wars Holiday Traditions & Crafts

With Lego Star Wars Holiday Special right around the corner, I wanted to share some of my favorite Star Wars Holiday traditions and crafts.

If your family’s like mine, then you are always trying to add a little bit more Star Wars into well, just about everything, including the holidays. My family has a long-standing tradition of setting up the Battle of Hoth (our version of the mini Xmas village) somewhere in our house. At one location, we set it up in our large front window, which attracted lots of attention. We changed the backdrop to bright blue the second year we were there, which looked a lot better, but I can’t find a photo of that year at the moment. Our current house floor plan doesn’t really work for us to setup Hoth, but we kept the theme and transitioned it into a wreath for the front door.

I tend to make personalized/themed Christmas stockings every winter season for friends and family. Last year, I was motivated to make a Clone Wars Ahsoka inspired stocking. I bought the relevant colors and got to work. The front of the stocking featured orangish fabric with white fabric paint. I made a stencil for her face markings out of cardstock and cut it out with an X-acto knife. The back of the stocking is marron like Padawan Ahsoka’s Clone Wars outfits. I also used some marron fabric on the front as accent pieces.

I wanted to make the top of the stocking similar to Ahsoka’s headtails. Initially, I thought I could make them come down further and be more pointed using yarn, but that didn’t really seem to work since my knitting and crochet skills are almost nonexistent. I reworked the idea until I came up with the final result seen in the photos below. I lightly stuffed the top to give it a little more of a 3D effect and added the light blue at the top points to round out the design. The gold headpiece gave me the most trouble for some reason. The gold fabric frayed easily, so using a heavy interface stabilizer help considerably. I wanted to include Ahsoka’s padawan beads and found some that worked at the local craft store. I strung them and added them to the back of the stocking.

Overall, I was happy with the finished product and had fun making it.

Although we don’t do a strict themed Christmas tree, our tree does feature several Star Wars ornaments. My favorite is the 2002 Hallmark Keepsake Death Star. However, last year its voice/sound function started to die, but it still lights up!

Image Credit: Ebay Listing

I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that Christmas and Star Wars go hand-and-hand. During my middle-school years, I watched all three original trilogy movies on Christmas day (after presents of course). Now, we always have Star Wars playing in the background on Christmas day, whether it’s one of the movies or episodes from one of the animated series. For the past few years, Star Wars fans had the sequel trilogy releases to ring in the season. Although there are no new movies on the immediate horizon, Star Wars fans have The Mandolarion and the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special airing next week.

Can’t wait till next week? Take time to check out the five Lego Star Wars short now up on youtube on the Star Wars Kids channel. The Snowflake Snack short is adorable.  

Do any of you have Star Wars holiday traditions? I would love to hear about them.

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