“Someday My Prince Will Come”

Snow White is far from my favorite Disney princess, but she holds a special place in my heart as the first of what is now a long line of Disney princesses. The release of Snow White in 1937 changed the theatrical world introducing animation as a viable medium for full-length features and storytelling. 

For a long time, my husband used to tell me I looked like Snow White because I have dark hair and relatively pale skin. I hated it because, as mentioned above, she was far from my favorite, but over time, she has grown on me.

My interest in Snow White was rekindled with the release of Besame Cosmetics 2017 Snow White collection. This collection was breathtakingly beautiful. I regrettably didn’t buy many of its items because I didn’t discover its existence until after it had been at market for some time. However, the amount of research and detail Besame put into the collection is exquisite. I would love to have the hand mirror but prices on secondary markets are upwards of $500.

Image Credit: Besame
Image Credit: Shopdisney.com Stock Image

Also in 2017, Disney launched its Dress Shop collection featuring retro-style silhouette with a Disney twist. The initial Dress Shop collection included a Snow-White dress, which I didn’t hesitate to purchase. Dress Shop dresses are of high-quality material and usually require hand-washing or dry cleaning, but they are worth it. Last year I wore this dress on a trip to Chicago and snapped some photos in front of a beautiful Disney Store. Disney stores have been closing locations around the country for years now. They were a staple must visit store of my childhood, and I miss them. They seem to do ok in large metropolitan areas, so hopefully, this store will continue to operate.

You can’t see it in the photos above, but I pair this dress with a Snow White necklace from ShopDisney.com.

Image Credit: Reddit user from r/evilbuildings

On a side note – Disney stores seem to thrive in Japan. They were always packed full of people, no matter their location. My favorite Japanese location is in Shibuya in what looks like an evil building. The inside is impressive and has one area that recreates Andy’s Room and several other areas designed for photo ops. Japan has it figured out when it comes to capitalizing on Disney.

Finally, I’ve started curating a collection of Disney bound outfits, which I’ll feature here from time to time. I thought it was only fitting to start with Snow White. This particular look uses dark shades. I think of it as the fall version of Snow White. I made the hair bow out of velvet fabric that I stuffed to give it a larger, more animated feel. For those looking to work with velvet, I found out the hard way that it is very porous. The first bow I made I did not like. After stuffing the bow, I could see tiny pieces of the stuffing sticking out, which was really annoying. I had to start the project over with a lining. The second time around, I faced no issues post stuffing.

The pants are from Old Navy. I really like their pixie cut style; I only wish that the yellow had been available in petite sizes.

The shoes and the blouse both came from Japan. When I was living in Japan, I fell in love with a shoe brand Velikoko. This brand makes the most comfortable shoes! I could walk all around Tokyo in heels with no issues. I am a complete convert and haven’t bought a pair of dress shoes from any other brand since. I still buy this brand through a proxy from https://voi.0101.co.jp

 – I wear a 23.5cm in their shoes. I wear anything from a 6-6.5 for American dress shoe brands. These particular shoes are still available on their site in black and navy.

The blouse is RU(アールユー), which is my favorite brand for business clothing. I bought several of their blouses when I there along with a few suits. 0101 will tailor items for you in house (for a fee) if you buy them in person. 

I haven’t purchased any new items since returning stateside in 2018, but I probably will eventually. I wear a Japanese size medium in their blouses, which is closer to an American size small.

I saw the apple purse on several websites around the internet, and I couldn’t track down its origin. I ended up purchasing it off of Amazon.com. It is adorable, and I love it for this outfit.

I don’t know if I would ever wear this to a Disney park because it is on the dressier side, and I prefer more functional outfits for the parks. I would definitely wear it to Disney Springs or a park special event. I also enjoy it as an everyday wear outfit. If it is one thing I’m learning about Disney bounding, you can do it anywhere, and that’s what makes it magical.

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