Minnie Mouse – Fashion Icon

All Eyes on Minnie!

Image Credit: Style.disney.com
Image Credit. Disney

There’s no doubting Minnie’s status as a fashion icon. In 2015, London Fashion Week honored Minnie with her own exhibit titled, Minnie: Style Icon. The exhibit highlighted her influence on fashion throughout the decades. The following year, Minnie Mouse received her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The occasion was not without fanfare as the event coincided with National Polka Dot Day (Jan 22) and was accompanied by a limited fashion exhibit Minnie Rocks the Dots. Like the London event of the previous year, the exhibit featured Minnie’s history, photos, sketches, dresses worn by Minnie herself, and other Minnie inspired fashion. Disney Publishing has yet to release a book dedicated to the Minnie Mouse and her impact on trends and style. I really hope one day they will release a book with the same content (and more!) from the above exhibits. It would also be interesting to see the design process for Minnie’s park outfits as she sports many looks throughout the year. I would love to read the story of those who are entrusted to make clothes for Minnie. A rotating exhibit in either a Disney Park, Disney Springs, or museums throughout the country featuring retired Minnie park dresses would also be fun. I’m sure there is a rather large collection in the archives. An exhibit like this would be perfect at D23 Expo and also a perfect location to launch the above-desired book!

Each year Disney consumer products releases new Minnie items to celebrate National Polka Dot Day. This year’s additions can be viewed here. Disney is also capitalizing on Minnie’s appeal with their Minnie Main Attraction (MMA) monthly limited collection. Each month features Minnie in outfits inspired by iconic Disney attractions. 

Image Credit: Shopdisney.com

If you are late to this party, be warned, the MMA items have been notoriously difficult to purchase. ShopDisney finally instituted the Merchpass to potentially alleviated some of these issues. However, I haven’t had success with their lottery system yet. Congratulations to those who have been lucky to score a set of ears at regular MSRP. 

My favorite ride at the Magic Kingdom is Space Mountain, followed closely by The Mad Tea Party. I was able to get both ears on secondary markets at a significant markup. I plan to design outfits inspired by these ears at a later date. However, let’s look at some excellent ready to wear items from earlier this year. 

Image Credit: ShopDisney.com

HerUniverse released an amazing Minnie collection earlier this year. I love this crop t-shirt, although I prefer a longer length, so I wear a cami underneath. Also, the shoes are just too cute, and I couldn’t pass them up. 

This past June, Longuefly launched their Stitch Shoppe collection, and it’s not surprising that it included a line of Minnie Mouse items. For the record, this dress is fantastic. I was nervous that the dress would be too long (because most are on my 5” nothing frame), but it’s perfect!

Each Stitch Shoppe item comes with its own high-quality metallic enamel pin. I decided to make the pin the centerpiece of a red bow, which I think is the perfect accent item for this look. 

Whatever form she takes or clothes she wears, Minnie always makes people smile. I never get tired of adding to my ever-growing collection of Minnie ears, and I’m convinced one can never have enough. I look forward to seeing what comes next because it’s clear that Minnie will never fade from pop-culture.

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