A Tribute to Cloud City

Image Credit: Starwars.com

As I’m sure most of you know this year is the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back and there has been no shortage of related merchandise. Two of my favorite new items include RockLove’s Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader Crossed Lightsaber necklace and Diff Eyewear’s Princess Leia Sunglasses! I paired them with my long time favorite Her Universe Cloud City dress and LEGO Boba Fett hair bow for a perfect combination.

This necklace was released by RockLove Jewelry on Father’s Day and, like all of her pieces, pictures never due them justice. It is gorgeous in real life. Paring it with the other items adds the perfect touch to this look as it highlights one of the most iconic scenes in Star Wars and pop culture history.

Diff Eyewear released a full Star Wars collection in July including pieces inspired by Princess Leia, Darth Vader, C-3PO and R2D2. All of the frames are beautiful but I knew I just had to pick up the Princess Leia frames. They are really lightweight and their design is inspired by Princess Leia’s Cloud City outfit. They are currently sold out but are taking pre-orders for their next run due to ship in October 2020.

The LEGO Boba Fett hair bow seen below is a personal creation that I designed to be worn specifcally with my Cloud City dress. The back of this dress features Slave I so its my way of connecting the front and back of this outfit. The dress itself was released by Her Universe in 2015 and while it is not currently available on their website, I have seen it pop up on eBay and Mercari from time to time. As a warning for any future buyers this dress has an extremely full skirt which only gets more crazy if you add a petty coat. It took me a long time to pair it with a belt which really helped chinch the waist and give the dress a more flattering silhouette on my frame. I highly recommend pairing it with a belt.

Stock images in this post are from RockLove Jewelry and Diff Eyewear. Additional product images are available on their respective sites.

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