Making Chewie

An adventure making the best co-pilot in the galaxy!

Back in 2011 my husband stumbled upon some amazing artwork by James Hance depicting several of our favorite characters from the Star Wars universe in iconic Winnie the Pooh and Calvin and Hobbes scenes, which he though would make perfect wall art for a future nursery when we started building our family. He immediately purchased several prints featuring Hance’s Wookie the Chew.

Fast forward a few years later to 2013 and these prints become a central component to our soon-to-arrive son’s nursery.

Our son’s Star Wars themed nursery could not be complete without his own Wookie the Chew inspired stuffed animal

Although I had never made a stuff animal before, I was determined to figure it out and over the course of two days completed my first “Wookie the Chew”. At first I wasn’t sure if I could create a toy plush how I envisioned it in my head, however once I started to stuff it, I knew that it was going to turn out great.

Last month, inspired by a friend’s three-year-old daughter who is an avid Chewbacca fan, I made a second Wookie the Chew.

With seven years of additional sewing experience, as well as a far superior sewing machine, I was extremely happy with how the second Wookie came out and couldn’t wait for my friend’s daughter to receive her surprise gift!

The original Chewie will always hold a special place in both my and my son’s hearts. When my husband shared photos of the original Chewie on Reddit back after it was finished I received lots of positive praise and several requests for orders.

Despite several offers, I do not make any of these to sell and although the construction is pretty straight forward, creating the same thing over and over does not stimulate my creative passion. However, since the second Wookie came out much closer to the original James Hance design, I’m considering making this my default new baby gift for my friends and family!

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